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Top 10 Reasons to Join the West Associates Team

  1. Choose your role – Selling Agent, Listing Agent or Team Support.
  2. Proprietary System for Selling Real Estate using a Timeline with the Buyer. You have NEVER seen anything like this before. It leads to great testimonials from our buyers!
  3. Warm Leads and Referrals
  4. Consistent Training – At West Associates, we believe that one never stops learning. As Certified Forms Trainers with the California Association of REALTORS®, we not only know how to effectively mentor and train, but we also actively help our agents apply their skills to reach their goals.
  5. Leadership – We are experts in marketing and in winning business and we will share our knowledge with our team! The seeming endless number of buyer leads number received each month have steadily increased over the years. Those leads come from many sources; an exhaustive advertising budget, through inclusion on multiple high-profile internet portals, the testimonials and referrals of our past clients, and the buyers who call sign calls.
  6. You CAN work full time in real estate and make a living.
  7. We teach you efficiency with tools that are essential to working with volume.
  8. You will learn to be more confident in real estate than ever before due to our orientation, ongoing training, processes and tools.
  9. We offer broker support and training with written tests, videos, meetings, access to someone seven days a week and standards that will keep you moving forward.
  10. You have a support staff organized, trained and equipped to help you SUCCEED.

West Associates offers a unique experience to serious agents. Agents are given a process to use to not only look professional, but to be professional. According to the NAR, most agents fail in real estate and have an income at poverty level. We believe that this scary statistic is due to the fact that first, most agents don’t have a circle of friends and family large enough to support their income. Then, because of the lack of transactions, (NAR reports that most agents do less than 2 deals per year), most agents don’t have a system that is in writing that they follow every time they are with a buyer. In essence they are making it up as they go along. And next, because of the uncertainty in how to handle certain situations, the agent burns out quickly due to the possible lack of guidance and mentoring.

There are agents who have been in the business for years are not able to survive in real estate any longer; this is because they don’t have the support and processes needed to rise above poverty level and make the living that once was made by agents when times were good.

Don’t be that agent. Be the agent who takes control of the present and future by pursuing a promising career in Real Estate.

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