Residential Real Estate

There are 7 essential steps to getting your home or investment property sold.

The real estate sales process has changed over the last few years and it changed with the multiple listing services populating for sale properties to the internet for buyers to see. The National Association of Realtors​® published that over 94% of buyers search online – the remaining buyers are being sent listings via email by their agent.

Buyers now see every angle of the home, information about the home, school info, tax info and much, much more. The need to call the listing agent for information has been eliminated. The need to go from office to office or calling agents asking what they have available is gone. Real estate is no longer the “local agent” sells the properties. All of this is done by the all encompassing information source – the internet.

Sellers no longer advertise in 3 lines of print with the newspaper because buyers expect to see more about the home than text – they expect pictures. Unfortunately, many buyers make the wrong decisions about what to pursue because the pictures simply don’t do the home justice.

But the good news for you as a seller with a property to sell is that the internet has lowered the price of what you should and can expect to pay to get your home sold. Again, we have proven this with our successful sellers by implementing our 7 essential steps to getting your home sold coupled with our 50+ step marketing plan.

Contact us today to hear how about our proprietary 7 steps to getting you home sold. And our 50+ step marketing plan – we would love to discuss its success with you as well!

Getting your home sold with West Associates is simple!